Amaran F22c 2 x 2′ RGB LED Flexible Light Mat (V-Mount)

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The F22c RGBWW LED Mat from amaran is a powerful, versatile, and flexible LED mat that measures 2 x 2′. It offers outstanding light output and color rendering suitable for a variety of users, from filmmakers to videographers, content creators, and still photographers. Providing 200W of power, it features RGBWW LEDs for complete color control, as well as tunable CCT from 2500 to 7500K, providing endless possibilities for creative lighting selections through 360° HSI control, 46 color gel presets, and 15 unique customizable lighting effects. It has stellar CRI and TLCI scores of 95+ and 97+, and stepless dimming from 0 to 100%. An included folding X-frame stretches the mat to a rigid panel that can be attached directly to a C-stand grip head using the straight Baby Pin adapter, or onto any standard light stand with the included right angle Baby Pin and tilting stand mount. The included foldable softbox has two strengths of diffusion, and a fabric grid that uses an integrated hook-and-loop fabric to instantly turn this flexible mat into an ultrathin soft light that will add beautifully controlled soft light to a scene.

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