Benro MeFOTO RoadTrip Pro Carbon Fiber Series 1 Travel Tripod with Ball Head and Monopod (Silver)


The MeFOTO RoadTrip Pro Carbon Fiber Series 1 Travel Tripod with Ball Head and Monopod from Benro is unique tripod that offers a range of configurations to cover every camera support need when on the move. Weighing only 3.0 lb, but with a load capacity of 17.6 lb, this tripod supports everything from compact and mirrorless cameras, up to a full DSLR with zoom lens. The 5-section legs provide a maximum height of 61.8″ and a reverse-fold length of just 15.4″, it is small enough to store or carry just about anywhere. The durable metal twist locks combined with anti-rotation legs allow for a fast and fumble-free setup, plus weather and dust resistance. Easily convert this tripod to a monopod by removing the center column and the padded leg, for added versatility when a full tripod is too bulky or slow. The adjustable two-section center column can also be reversed for inverted low-to-the-ground shots. Located within the center column is an internal small leg set which can be used in conjunction with the center column, leg, and head to create multiple configurations. By attaching the head directly to the small leg set it can be used as a tabletop tripod for live streaming, virtual meetings, video chatting, or weblogs.

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