Ruggard Alpine 600 Lens Backpack for DSLR and 600/800mm Lens (Black)


Explore the great outdoors confident in the knowledge that your gear is safe and secure thanks to the black Alpine 600 Lens Backpack for DSLR and 600/800mm Lens from Ruggard. This well-made pack is designed to store and protect either an 800mm lens with hood or a DSLR with an attached 600mm lens. To secure the gear from unwanted movement and provide added cushioning, the Alpine 600 comes with a movable, padded, touch-fastening shelf and lens supports. A robust assortment of interior and exterior pockets facilitates finding the perfect place for your accessories. On the front of the pack are two zippered pockets with inner slip-in pockets for smaller items. And on one side of the pack is a large pocket with a touch-fastening flap and an interior slip-in pocket for more gear. Unzipping the main compartment with the dual zipper pulls reveals two memory card pockets and one clear-mesh pocket under the lid for items such as a wallet, filters, and more.

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