Vidpro Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Tabletop Tripod and Ball Head (6″)

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The Bi-Color LED Ring Light Kit with Tabletop Tripod and Ball Head from Vidpro is a unique 6″ light source that allows photographers and videographers to fully explore their creative potential. Because of its unusual circular construction, the fixture renders a soft, nearly shadowless look that is very flattering to skin tones and seems to bathe the subject in light. Although the ring light comes with a receiver ready for stand mounting, its full, more pronounced effect is in evidence when shooting with the lens in the center aperture of the light. The ring light conveniently dims in three steps and runs barely warm to the touch, removing any worry about subject discomfort. Color is variable in three steps from at 3200 to 5000K to match room light or any ambient light situation. Widely compatible, the ring light is also useful for close-up macro shots, product and food photography, and detailed tabletop work. The light is USB-powered for portability.

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